Serge Koba

Serge Koba

Web, blockchain, mobile and IoT developer

Web Team Lead at MobiDev, who likes learning new stuff non-stop. Main languages are: PHP and Ruby. Doesn't hesitate playing with blockchain, mobile and IoT. We live until we learn something.


3 ways Redis helps you decomposing Rails monolith applications into services

4th of August, 2017 13:39

Once in a while every developer thinks about decomposing their monster monolith Rails application into services. Very ambitious and brave thought! Why? We all know the pros of service-based architecture, but the cons make us think twice or even give up on decomposition. Here are the big fears of decomposition: single authentication, performance and complexity. Luckily we have Redis to make us brave enough again and help resolve at least some problems easily.

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Docker for Rails

18th of December, 2016 14:00

"Docker" - is a technology that allows you to package your application in an isolated container. No matter what - a web server, your program on Rails or MySQL database. With ¬ęDocker" you can skip installation and configuration of the required software on the local machine. You shouldn't worry that it might break something on your local machine or doesn't start at all. Just pull the container with MySQL, start it - and it works.

 - Fabrizio Soppelsa, Docker developer.

On recent Ruby meetup from Mobidev we discussed many interesting themes, among them was Docker (video is in Russian, see English slides below):

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